Welcome to our page about Millie, a short film by Kate Hopkins & Emily Kron. Millie is a story of two young women who journey to an old beach house, seemingly frozen in time. There, they get lost in each other, the boundaries and edges between them obscured. In this tale of “twining,” we explore nuances of mental and emotional psyche within the context of female intimacy. 

The film stars Sarah Steele (The Good Wife, Spanglish, The Humans) and Margaret Ivey (Jane Eyre). Cinematography by the award winning Katherine Castro, and camera operation by Joel San Juan (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt). Written & directed by Emily Kron & Kate Hopkins, with associate producer Emily Doyle. 

We are currently in the post production phase of this film, gearing up to submit to festivals by the end of the summer! Our film was funded by the generosity of donations through Seed & Spark. Enjoy some production stills below!!

BIO: Kate Hopkins & Emily Kron have been create digital media and film content with their production company Lady Moon Productions. They have collaborated on music videos, short form videos, sketches and films, all with a focus on women and the female experience. Previous joint work includes "A National Period" (featured on Refinery 29), "Not Your Woman" (featured on NOW: THIS HER), and "Galmance" (featured on Funny Women.)

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